The CLEA-on-a-Page Info-Maps are designed to provide an alternative way to understanding how the separate elements of the CLEA model are bolted together and what parameters are used in the complex array of calculations; it should aid assessors in furthering their understanding of the CLEA CSMs and parameter inputs into the calculations and how parameters can be used multiple times across the CLEA pathways. The last few info-maps provide further insight through worked examples that really help in bringing together the way CLEA arrives at a final assessment criteria.

Download the Info-Maps here.

The Info-Maps are provided as a single pdf document that can be navigated using the navigation page panel on the left-hand side, by using ‘hot-zones’ & buttons embedded in the Info-Maps and by simply scrolling around the whole thing. The navigation options may vary depending on what application is used to view the document (it is best used on a desktop pdf viewer, rather than a web browser). The pdf is also word searchable.

It was Chris’s intention that the Info-Maps be a catalyst for self-learning to help an assessor delve deeper into the inner workings of the CLEA methodology. Although no further detailed guidance on their use and the underlying CLEA model/approach is provided, additional (mainly pink) boxes on the Info-Maps provide further notes, insights and observations that Chris hopes you will find helpful.


Chris wishes to extend his thanks to those who have reviewed the various draft iterations of the Info-Maps, particularly to members of the SoBRA Executive Committee (Simon Cole, Melinda Evans & Joanna Wilding), Jon English of City of Lincoln Council/Kathu Environmental Limited, Gareth Stewart of Scottish Borders Council and Jane Entwistle at Northumbria University. The diagrams have been produced using Y-Ed software available at Chris would also like to apologise for the liberties taken with the Greek alphabet in the Info-Maps.

Terms of Use

SoBRA is pleased to be able to support this independent work and to host it on the SoBRA website, and we hope it can help unlock a better understanding of how the CLEA approach works. This does not constitute an endorsement of the work. Access to and use of the Info-Maps is free to all and is done so under the “Commons Creative Attribution – No Derivatives licence” ( The author and licence holder is Chris Dainton of Peak Environmental Solutions Limited, and SoBRA holds no attribution, ownership or responsibility in relation to these Info‑Maps. These Info-Maps are made available on the understanding that neither the author, contributors nor the publishing organisation is engaged in providing a specific professional service. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the work, no warranty as to fitness for purpose is provided or implied. Neither SoBRA, nor the authors of the work, accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage arising in any way from its use or interpretation, or from reliance on any views contained herein.

All enquiries relating to this work should be sent to [email protected]. Nothing is perfect and things can always be improved upon, so please feel free to drop Chris a line if you spot any errors/typos or have any further useful suggestions.