The Executive Committee currently comprises:

Lucy Thomas – Chair

Lucy Thomas - SoBRA

Lucy Thomas is RSK’s Head of Science with 17 years’ experience in the investigation and assessment of brownfield land. During this time Lucy has become a chartered geologist and a SiLC in addition to a Director of RSK. Lucy’s particular areas of expertise include: site conceptualisation, sustainable land development and evaluating risks to groundwater, surface water and human health from chemicals found in the ground for a range of property and petroleum clients in the UK and internationally. Lucy takes a keen interest in promoting technical capabilities both of colleagues and the wider industry.

Christopher Taylor – Outgoing Chair

Christopher Taylor - SoBRA

Chris is a Land Regeneration Manager for the National Grid. Prior to this Chris spent over a decade working in environmental regulation both at Local Authority and the Environment Agency. Chris is a member of the Institution of Environmental Science and is a Chartered Scientist with an academic background in Environmental Science, Chemistry and Ecotoxicology. He is a member of the Land Forum’s Professional Standards subgroup and Defra’s Expert Panel, and is an advocate of improving standards and disseminating knowledge in brownfield risk assessment in the sector.

Jason Bale – Secretary

Jason Bale - SoBRA

Jason is Group Leader of Pollution Control at Cardiff Council with over 8 years of experience in land quality investigation, assessment, and interpretation within both the planning and Part 2A regulatory frameworks. Jason has significant experience in project managing Part 2A assessments on existing residential developments and thus has a strong focus on human health risk assessment. Jason has direct experience in producing and managing communication strategies for stakeholders on sites affected by contamination. Prior to joining Cardiff Council Jason worked for a contaminated land consultancy/ remediation contractor and was responsible for the project management of site investigation and remediation works, on former gasworks, petrochemical and landfill sites across the UK. Jason is also a member of the Welsh Land Contamination Working Group.

Fred Coulon – Newsletter Editor

Fred Coulon - SoBRA

Fred has 12 years expertise in environmental chemistry, oil microbial ecology and chemical ecological fate modelling. He is research active in treatment and remediation processes for pollution control across contaminated land, waste and wastewater sectors and has published 60 research papers, books and conference proceedings with substantive contributions to oil remediation process emission and control at industrial sites and environmental risk management.

Fred was project manager of the BBSRC/DTi-funded industrial consortium (BIOREM_35 and BB/B512432/1) on optimising biopile processes for weathered hydrocarbons within a risk management framework, and a co-funded Environment Agency, United Utilities research project on micropollutant fate in wastewater (AMP4 DS). He is a member of the UK Standing Committee of Analysts on Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (SCA-TPH).

Hannah White – Treasurer

Hannah White - SoBRA

Hannah is a Principal Environmental Geoscientist at Atkins Ltd. and works in the field of contaminated land assessment, progressing sites from desk study, to site investigation, through risk assessment, to remediation. She specialises in human health risk assessment and has worked on a number of challenging and complex sites from the very small to very large, covering a variety of contaminants and land uses under both the planning and Part 2A regime. Hannah was involved in the development of the 2008/2009 Environment Agency CLEA software and was a contributing author to a number of the SGV reports and supplementary SGV reports. She is involved in the development of the Atkins ATRISK Soil Screening Values and leads on human health training courses. Hannah has a key interest in promoting technical excellence and good practice and is a member of the better regulation sub-group.

David Jackson – Website Co-ordinator

David Jackson - SoBRA

Is currently the Land Quality Officer at Wakefield Council and has 11 years experience as a local authority regulator. He has identified and prioritised potentially contaminated sites at two local authorities and has undertaken numerous Part 2a detailed inspections of sites. David has determined two residential sites as ‘Contaminated Land’. The first site was in 2010 due to its former use as a chemical works and with the assistance of consultants and the local authority’s groundwork’s team completed remediation works at the properties in April 2011. David was the project manager for the remediation of another high risk residential site that was determined as Contaminated Land under the new statutory guidance in 2013. He graduated from Leeds University in 1999 with a degree in Mineral Industry and Environmental Engineering.

Alex Lee

Alex Lee - SoBRA

Alex is a Technical Director at WSP with circa 18 years’ experience. He has a regional accountability for Scotland and technical responsibility for all WSP UK offices. Alexander has previously been employed by WSP Remediation Ltd, ERM, Geodelft and British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL). He has a focus upon environmental modelling and hydrogeological investigation together with risk assessment (chemical and radiological). He has a masters in Environmental Monitoring and PhD in Geology. He is a STEM Ambassador to schools and sits upon several university advisory groups. He is also a regular author and presenter at both domestic and international conference. Project works have included commissions within the UK, Europe, Switzerland and the US amongst others. Project delivery has included both public and private sector clients for the purpose of fulfilling problem holder legislative responsibilities, divestiture and audit together with strategy development and resource assessment. He acts regularly as an expert witness.

Theresa Cory

Theresa Cory - SoBRA

Theresa Cory is an Environment Agency Groundwater and Contaminated Land Technical Specialist in Herts and North London Area. Her role includes advising sites undergoing site investigation and remediation by Part 2A, planning, voluntary consultations and sites regulated under COMAH and Environmental Permitting Regulations (landfills, process industries and waste management). Prior to joining the EA in 1999, Theresa worked on a hazardous waste landfill as site chemist and assistant manager for 4 years. She is Chartered Geologist and Chartered Scientist with an academic background in chemistry, environmental science and contaminant hydrogeology. She works with the local authorities in London, Bucks, Herts and Beds Contaminated Land Officers and also with other land quality professionals in the Contaminated Land Forum: North East Thames (CLF:NET).

Geraint Williams

Geraint Williams - SoBRA

Geraint Williams is a Senior Environmental Scientist with 16 years’ experience in the investigation and assessment of contaminated land. He has been involved in the assessment of a broad range of former industrial sites in the UK and is familiar with international approaches to risk assessment from work in the Middle East, Central Asia, Nigeria and South Africa. Geraint also serves on the AGS Executive Committee and Contaminated Land Working Group.

David Schofield

David Schofield - SoBRA

David is a Chartered Environmentalist with over 15 years experience within the contaminated land sector, providing client support across land portfolio due diligence, property transaction and brownfield regeneration. David is a Manager at Ramboll Environ’s Birmingham Office and currently chairs the company’s UK quantitative risk assessment group coordinating the undertaking and review of detailed quantitative risk assessments. As part of his role David works closely with senior specialists in human and ecological toxicology to support assessment of potential risks within a diverse range of environmental settings. David is a keen member of a number of industry focused groups and regularly attends and participates in a diverse range of industry seminars and webinars provided by various organisations, covering varied topics relevant to the current issues influencing contaminated land assessment.