One of SoBRA’s core objectives is to co-ordinate and encourage research that would benefit the assessment of land contamination and, where appropriate, explore funding arrangements to support it.  SoBRA has identified resources to undertake such work and award funding to members as a Research Grant.  

The funding may be awarded to a single research grant application or divided between grant applications based on the number, merit and funding requirements of the applications received. 

The application window will run between 31 January and 30 March each year. Successful applicants will be informed of the award no earlier than 30 April.  In 2023, up to £25,000 is available for award in accordance with SoBRA’s policy. 

For more information about the eligibility criteria, application process and assessment criteria please refer to our policy document. Further information can also be obtained by contacting the SoBRA Secretary via email on [email protected].  

Applications forms should be submitted to the SoBRA Secretary at [email protected] by 30 March.


Details of previously awarded SoBRA research grants are here