One of SoBRA’s core objectives is to co-ordinate and encourage research that would benefit land contamination risk assessment.  SoBRA currently has three types of funding available to members.

SoBRA Research Grant 

This funding may be awarded to a single research grant application or divided between grant applications based on the number, merit and funding requirements of the applications received.  In 2021, up to £25,000 is available for award in accordance with SoBRA’s policy.
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SoBRA Bursaries

SoBRA bursaries are available to either help fund research that will improve land contamination risk assessment, or contribute towards registration, travel and accommodation costs for attending a scientific meeting/conference related to land contamination risk assessment. It is expected that the maximum bursary per application will be in the region of £500.
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SoBRA Scholarship

The SoBRA scholarship scheme aims to fund (or contribute towards) research that will improve land contamination risk assessment. The total fund available for the annual scholarship each year will vary but is expected to be around £3000.
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