Juggling the emerging contaminant timebomb – understanding the risks.

Date: 16 June 2021 (Virtual Meeting)

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Questions and Answers for all sessions

9:50 am Introduction – Simon Cole (SoBRA Chair)

Session 1 – The Big Picture – Toxicology and risk assessment – chaired by Olayinka Ekundayo (SoBRA)

10:00 am An overview of current EA research into emerging contaminants – Ian Martin, Environment Agency

10:20 am Toxicology of selected emerging contaminants, perspectives from other countries – Sarah Bull, Cambridge Environmental Assessment

10:45 am Hazardous substances in sewage and biosolids – latest findings and further research – Mark Craig, Severn Trent Water and UK Water Industry Research

11:10 am PFAS – Emerging issues in risk assessment, an international and UK perspective – Ian Ross, Tetratech

11:35 am Discussions and questions

Session 2 – Sampling and analysis of emerging contaminants – chaired by Tim Rolfe (SoBRA)

12:25 am Micro-organic substances in groundwater – sampling, analysis, occurrence and risk ranking – Tim Besian, Environment Agency

12:50 am The real-life issues of sampling for emerging contaminants – Mark Mulcahy, Stantec

13:10 am Discussions and questions

Session 3 – Risk communication – chaired by Melinda Evans (SoBRA)

13:40 am Communicating risk: communications strategy and delivery – Steve Fox, IPB Communications

13:55 pm Discussion and questions

14:00 am Communicating risks from low probability events – Sarah Dryhurst, Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Research, Cambridge University

14:25 pm Discussion and questions

14:35 pm Closing Remarks – Simon Cole (SoBRA Chair)

14:45 pm End