Fine Tuning DQRAs for the Water Environment

Issue Date: 12th May 2019

SoBRA held a one-day workshop in June 2018 entitled on the Fine Tuning DQRA’s for the Water Environment. The objective was to identify common mistakes in controlled waters risk assessment and explore potential solutions. This report presents a written record of the discussions held during the Summer 2018 workshop.

Site Investigation and Risk Assessment for Historic Landfill Redevelopment (SoBRA 2016)

Issue Date: 8th June 2018

SoBRA held a workshop on uncertainty in human health risk assessment in June 2016. The objective of the workshop was to consider key issues associated with the CSM and site investigation for landfill sites. Delegates were asked to consider a wide range of issues to identify those representing accepted scientific understanding and/ or good practice, and those which require further work to extend, improve or clarify current understanding or practice.

Uncertainty in Human Health Risk Assessment (SoBRA 2015)

Issue Date: 24th April 2018

SoBRA held a workshop on uncertainty in human health risk assessment in June 2015. The objectives of SoBRA’s summer 2015 workshop were to define the current state of our understanding of the key issues surrounding uncertainty in human health risk assessment and to establish where there is (and is not) consensus on mitigation measures

Vapour Intrusion to Support Sustainable Risk Based Decision Making Workshop Report (SoBRA 2017)

Issue Date: 6th March 2018

SoBRA held a workshop on vapour Intrusion to Support Sustainable Risk Based Decision Making June 2017. The workshops aims were to: provide high quality speakers who could outline the challenges faced for their topic area that affect the evaluation of the vapour intrusion pathway, including CSM, site investigation, modelling and installation of mitigation measures; and to break out into workshop groups to discuss issues pertaining to a topic area in more detail and identify how such issues might be resolved. The four topic areas were CSM, site investigation, development of alternative risk assessment techniques based on scientific studies and the evaluation of mitigation measures using quantitative risk assessment.