SoBRA AGM (December 2017)

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SoBRA Financial Report (2017)

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SoBRA Survey Results (November 2017)

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Proposed New Constitution

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Q & A

Q1. Clause 12.4 Number of Trustees; the minimum & maximum are both 10, thus rendering it impossible to continue if a member resigns, except to call a meeting of the charity trustees, or appoint a new charity trustee. There may be any number of reasons why a trustee cannot be appointed on the spot and plenty of things that may need to be acted upon, would it not be wise to allow a little wriggle room, say min 8 max 10? If thought necessary a time limit could be specified of perhaps, less than ten trustees for no longer than 3 months.

Exec Committee Response: Noted. We have tried to retain as much of the original constitution as we can. In the current constitution, the executive committee can choose to co-opt a committee member should there be too few executive committee members (for example, if an executive committee member were to retire from their post early due to other commitments or bad health). We will consider being more flexible on numbers of executive committee members.

Q2. The other point or question, is it assumed that the Trustees are the Executive and if so why?

Exec Committee Response: The term trustees follows the nomenclature of the charities commission, the term Executive from our own constitution. We made the decision to make the new constitution as close to the charity template as possible with the hope of easing the route to becoming a charity. We see trustees/executives as essentially the same – the charity constitution template uses the word charity trustee where our current constitution uses the word executive committee member. We will check the document for consistency and clarify where it is unclear.

Q3. There are obviously good reasons for an overlap of trustees & executive but there may be good people happy to be on the executive who do not wish to be trustees, equally people with valuable experience as trustees, but no knowledge of brownfield risk assessment.

Exec Committee Response: We incorporated as much of the existing constitution in the charity constitution as we could. We do not see an essential change arising in the way in which we currently operate on a day to day basis. It is assumed that the trustees & executive are the same. With 10 on the committee we hope to continue attaining a balance of skills and experiences.